Appearances on Taxation

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If required we can appear on your behalf in Court on taxation of costs, mediations and other associated costs court proceedings.



When costs issues cannot be resolved effectively through negotiation and requires the Courts involvement to settle the dispute, it is the Court’s preference, where possible, to avoid costs orders that lead to lengthy and expensive taxation costs hearings.

Taxation of Costs is the process whereby the Court (a Judge, Taxing Registrar or Court Appointed Assessor) considers the claiming party’s (Applicant’s) Bill of Costs submission and assesses the quantum of costs payable to the Applicant by the Respondent (paying party).

Types of taxation between parties:

  1. Party and Party basis
  2. Solicitor and Own Client basis

Costs are calculated and applied differently throughout the jurisdictions in Australia. Speak to one of our Legal Costing Lawyers who has an in-depth knowledge on the taxation of costs.