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When it comes to legal costing, experience matters. Our extensive background in understanding, auditing and analysing legal costs helps to give our clients real peace of mind. We offer the most efficient legal costs services available, and are able to tailor our services to suit your business environment.  

Your solutions start here.

Costs Determination Services

Costs Determinations

All types of costs determinations, including Solicitor and Own-Client, Standard (Party and Party), and Indemnity.
Bill of Costs Lawyer

Bill of Costs (Costs Statements)

Also known as Costs Statements, in the event that more detailed accounts are needed for legislation and regulation compliance.
Objecting to Legal Costs

Notices of Objections & Responses

National Costing Lawyers can prepare unbiased and objective Notices of Objections to a Bill of Costs in Taxable form as well respond to a Notice of Objection served on you.
Appearances on Taxation

Appearances on Taxation

If required we can appear on your behalf in Court on taxation of costs, mediations and other associated costs court proceedings.
Legal Costs Expert Reports

Expert Reports & Evidence

We can provide expert reports and appear as an expert witness in court providing unbiased opinions on the law of costs.
Legal Costs Consulting

Costs Consulting & Management

From client agreements, costs estimates, file management, dispute resolution to CLE presentations our team are available to assist you with a suite of services to enhance your internal structures.