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As trusted legal costs professionals, we strive at all times to be unbiased and thorough, and we make it a point to always be realistic when it comes to identifying what is, and is not recoverable. 

National Costing Lawyers endeavours to protect its reputation for being credible and impartial with all parties and we ensure our costs are always transparent. We make certain our client is aware of all fees before the work commences.


As specialists in the area of litigious costing, we provide value to our clients by consistently raising the bar in legal costing advice.

Put simply, National Costing Lawyers has an outstanding rate of success over several decades, in finding the perfect balance between client and lawyer satisfaction in all matters related to litigious costing. National Costing Lawyers have all the tools and proficiency needed to ensure optimal costs recovery in every case, without leaving any party feeling disadvantaged.

A Trusted Partner

When we work together, you will receive full support and cooperation—as well as unparalleled equity and fairness—from our industry leading team of legal costs Lawyers.


Whether you require in-house service, remote support, or whether you prefer to use digital or paper files, we’ve got you covered. The NCL team is willing and able to assist within any of these settings, regardless of the volume. Just let us know what you need, and we will take care of the rest.