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Through years of experience the team at National Costing Lawyers has developed a suite of tried and tested costs recovery service offerings. These are designed to enrich your client’s experience with your firm by founding a valued relationship from the outset. Allow us to review your internal structures ensuring you remain focused on the job at hand.



Costs are the lifeblood of the legal profession. Every service to a client has cost consequences.

The law of costs is based on the contract with the client and based on equity that the contract is fair.

Costs are based on court rules and statutes, which vary between different courts and local practices.

Lawyers are faced with significant obligations to disclose information to the client. Failure to comply will result in serious consequences including disciplinary action and voiding client agreements.

Lawyers should adhere to these principles derived from the Legal Profession Act 2007:

  1. give their clients valid costs disclosure
  2. ensure that their costs agreements with clients are both fair and reasonable
  3. not charge excessive legal costs
  4. charge no more than reasonable costs
  5. on a request made within time, give a client sufficient information about the costs they have charged the client to enable the client to make an informed decision whether to have the costs assessed by an independent court appointed costs assessor and, if the client applies to have the costs assessed, to enable the costs assessor to undertake the assessment.

Upon request our team at National Costing Lawyers will review your Client Agreement and Disclosure Notice ensuring they comply with the legislation and your responsibilities.


When instructions are initially given or there is a significant change, a Lawyer must provide an estimate of total legal costs to their client.

National Costing Lawyers can assist you in preparing lump sum legal costs estimates for the work you are undertaking on either a Solicitor and Own-Client or Party and Party basis.

The estimate provides a high level view of:

  • Solicitor’s fees – broken down by fee earner and hours
  • Barrister’s fees – broken down by fee earner and hours
  • Disbursements

These estimates can be prepared at the relevant time required:

  • Initial disclosure to client
  • Updated disclosure to client
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Conference
  • Hearing

Providing updated estimates ensures you are consistently transparent and communicating with your client. Most importantly though, your client  will understand the costs associated with their legal options.


Knowledge is power. Ensure your team have a great understanding of costs and is up-to-date on industry changes, legislation and caselaw.

Our expert assessors regularly present to lawyers and support staff on the fundamentals of costs tailored to the firm and its relevant issues.

CLE presentations include hot topics such as:

  • What are costs?
  • Lawyer’s responsibilities
  • Client Agreements
  • Disclosure
  • Consequences of inadequate recording
  • What can Solicitors bill for?
  • File Management
  • Variations to bills
  • Communicating with the Client
  • Costs assessment process